Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Intimacy. We are the Bride of Christ

Hi there. I just really wanted to share my heart with you all. The best way for me to do this is to write it out. 

I want to look at Matthew 7: 23.  "and I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from Me, you evildoers!"

This is Jesus speaking. Who is speaking to? People who said to Him, "Didn't we prophecy in Your Name, and in Your Name drive out demons, and all this other great stuff?" (Not a direct quote, but you get the picture.) 

What a terrible, heartbreaking thing. Here's what I want to say. 

Jesus wants to know you.   Let me make that more clear:


We cannot earn this on our own. We are to put our trust in Him alone for our salvation, for it comes only from Him. I no longer believe that the devil's greatest lie is getting people to believe He doesn't exist. The devil's greatest lie is:

You are not good enough.

Why is that such a lie? It's because it WAS NEVER ABOUT US BEING GOOD ENOUGH IN THE FIRST PLACE!! It was, is, and always will be about Jesus and His love and mercy! If we believe we're not good enough, we'll spend all our time striving and trying to make ourselves better and to earn God's love. We'll try to take the place of Jesus in our own lives. Yeah, I said it. We'll perform great works, like ministry or whatever, and think that God will be pleased with us. We'll stay away from sinful things, and think God will bless us. But, the day will come where He will say, "Depart from me."  


One word: intimacy. He wants to know us. He wants us to surrender ourselves totally to Him. He gave us not only His Word, but His Holy Spirit to move in us and change us. It is every moment of every day. Talk with Him!! He'll speak! Yes, He calls us to obey. That is a crucial part of surrender. His will. Not ours. Stop striving and just be. Let Him move in You. He'll show you what He would have you do. Striving to do it ourselves is not only wrong, it is eternally damning, you see. He wants intimacy. Pour out your heart to Him, but let Him move. That is vital. Know Him. Let Him know you. Do not be afraid. Want His power in your life? Let Him know you. That is the only way. 

Imagine something with me for a moment. You are a young man, and your loving father wants to give you a nice car that he built himself for you, because of his love for you. He spends months upon months working on it. He finds just the right engine you love, and a brand new one. All the belts are in excellent condition. Everything works beautifully. Not only that, but he custom designed it just for you, with your favorite color, the right kind of seats, the horsepower, the stereo system you want. He did all of that just for you, so he could present it to you when you were ready. How grateful would you be? 

That's how God looks at us. He is making us, the Bride of Christ, perfect. Without spot or wrinkle. He does that because He loves us, and because He wants to present the perfect gift to His Son, the Bridegroom. You and I, as sons and daughters of God, are a part of that perfect gift. We are the greatest blessing our Jesus will ever receive, and He SO LONGS for that! We can have it now. He is our greatest gift, and we are His!! See that! Know that! That is YOU if you give your life to Him!!  It ONLY comes through knowing Him and Him knowing you. 

I had to share this, because we all need it. Stay strong and be encouraged. You are good enough. He wants me, He wants to know you.